Hello there and welcome to the Gabriel Nemro blog!  Initially, it was a beauty blog dedicated to the reviews of all kinds of makeup and skin care as well as sharing makeup ideas. However, after discovering that the vast amount of beauty brands are still testing their products on animals I've decided to dedicate my blog exclusively to the cruelty-free products. So ever since 2016, Gabriel Nemro is a cruelty-free beauty blog.
I believe in simplicity and everything effortless, that is why the majority of my posts are about skin care. I believe that investing a little bit more time and money into taking care of your skin is better than covering the results of your unhealthy habits with layers and layers of makeup. I believe that testing beauty products on animals is outrageous. I believe in the power of beauty and the power of love. So if any of these things are something that you believe in as well then you might find my blog interesting.
I would love to hear from you! The full list of contacts is here. You can also contact me directly from my blog page.

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