The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt.

I had very high hopes for The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt by Mae Lindstrom, but when I started using them they didn't seem to work as miraculously as promised.

These two powders pack quite a punch even though they were formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. The Clean Dirt is more of a quick renewing facial that you apply before hopping into the shower and washing it off while you're in it. The Problem Solver, on the other hand, requires about 40 minutes of your time. There are a lot of recommendations on how to use all of May Lindstrom's products on their website. I was doing everything as instructed, tried adding The Honey Mud to mellow down the products and it was either making nothing for my skin or causing a lot of irritation. I had red bumps all over my face after using both The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver which was very unsettling.
About halfway through both of them, I gave up and gave them to my husband. But one evening everything fell into place. I wasn’t wearing any sunscreen or makeup during the day and decided not to wash my face with a cleanser before giving The Problem Solver another chance. And it worked wonderfully this time, just the way it was supposed to. It minimized the breakouts, evened out the texture and the tone of my skin after just one use.
The Clean Dirt on the other hand still was causing irritation sometimes. But with this one, it was when I was using it while taking a bath. I guess my skin gets too perceptive during that time and the product becomes too much for it. But in the shower, it worked perfectly. I apply it before getting into the shower now, letting it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off. It does help to release dead skin cells and sometimes you can actually feel those dead skin bits under your fingertips when massaging your face right after rinsing off the product.
So here are some of my suggestions on how to use May Windstorms products if the usual way doesn’t work for you. First of all, stop using foaming cleansers, even gentle ones. Use The Pendulum Potion and(or) The Honey Mud instead. They preserve your skins natural protective barrier and still allow for the treatments to penetrate your skin and work its magic. Second, rinse them both in the shower. Rinsing off The Problem Solver in the bathtub makes such a mess. Third, The Clean Dirt mixed with The Honey Mud makes the most delicious smelling product in the whole range, but don’t go too heavy-handed with The Honey Mud as it may cancel out the effect of The Clean Dirt completely. Fourth, when in doubt use The Blue Cocoon. If you find yourself with any irritations after using these (or any other) products just follow up with the blue magic and it’ll help to calm it down.
So there you go. I currently have my fourth jar of The Problem Solver and the third bottle of The Clean Dirt on the way as I’ve run out of both of them simultaneously and I can’t stand not having them in my regimen. I absolutely love both of these products now and highly recommend them for you to try. Everything is cruelty-free (and vegan, except The Honey Mud), freshly made and delivered to you straight from May's kitchen with a handwritten love note.

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