Pat McGrath Mothership I: Subliminal Palette

Have you been coveting the Mothership palettes as much as I have? Pat McGrath sure has a great talent and experience in creating striking makeup looks. But are average girls like me ready to pull off those editorial looks?

These were the questions that were stopping me from purchasing Pats products ever since she launched her beauty line. I’m not good with makeup at all. I’m more of a skin-care girl. However, I am tempted from time to time to dabble in the world of colour. When I bought Lila palette by Natasha Denona I thought that it would satisfy all of my cravings for colour. And it did until I saw the Subliminal palette from Pat McGrath. That Blitz Blue shade struck me right into the heart.
All of the shades swatched like magic, so pretty. However, when I started applying them to my eyes I realized that the very shade that persuaded me to buy the palette in the first place wasn’t pigmented enough. That magical blue is very much translucent unless you layer it over black. And all that magical sparkle that you can see in promo videos on Pats Instagram are only this sparkly under LED lights. So, unless you’re going somewhere with very good lighting these shadows won’t look much different from other less expensive eyeshadows.
However, I must say that these eyeshadows are very high quality and they are one of a kind. When I was playing with the Subliminal palette I remembered that there was a similar product by Charlotte Tilbury which was called Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise. I haven’t used it for a while and I remembered it being quite sparkly and innovative. But pales in comparison with the amount of sparkle that you get from the Mothership palettes. And probably all of Pat McGrath’s products. But, again, do not expect to get the results that you can see in her videos because you will be disappointed just like me. Also if you don’t know what to do with colours in your makeup you probably don’t need a $125 palette created for editorial looks.
 I realize that this review probably sounds controversial and unclear at this point. That’s because I’m still on the fence with this palette still. Even though I have returned it I still think sometimes that probably I should have kept it. I guess what made me return the palette in the first place was its heavily “facetuned” appearance on Pat McGrath's social media. The only other videos that depicted the Mothership palettes in a similar way were by Regina from Picturresque. Those videos eventually convinced me that I need to try at least one of the palettes. But if you would like to see what it would actually look like on your eyes watch any other youtube review. Those underwhelming looks are what you’ll get. Still pretty, but not as pretty as promised. These shadows did not deliver the magic. But now I think maybe I could have used the lack of pigmentation for my benefit because I like how it turned out in the pictures.
Should I have kept it? What’s your experience with the Mothership palettes from Pat McGrath?

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