The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom.

   I love that all of May Lindstrom's products have a uniformity thought the whole collection. They look very simple yet gorgeous at the same time and they all can be mixed and matched depending on what you want to achieve with your mixture. This gorgeous skin treat comes in a 100ml (3,38 fl. oz.) dark blue glass jar (which looks black) and is called The Honey Mud.

    So what exactly is The Honey Mud? Is it a cleanser? Is it a mask? It's both and it's everything. It is a "union of raw honey, white halloysite clay and aromatic pure plant oils". This pudding-like indulgence transforms into milk upon contact with water and removes impurities from your skin while feeding it at the same time. I am very glad that I've discovered this product for myself as it completely changed my approach to my skincare ritual. I personally prefer to use my Honey Mud as a cleanser because you use way less product this way rather than using it as a mask. It's relatively easy to use (it would have been perfect if it came with a scoop). You simply massage it into your soaking wet face and then rinse it off. For me, now there is nothing more perfect than starting my day with The Honey Mud. Before brushing my teeth, before getting dressed. (Yes, I'll have my dessert before the main course, please!) It is very gentle and nourishing and the smell of it inevitably lifts the mood.
   I'll do my best not to sound cheesy describing the scent, but it truly is out of this world. If you have the Blue Cocoon already but haven't tried The Honey Mud yet, well this one might be even better. Of course, they are completely different. The Honey Mud has a very warming indulgent smell. With a blend of myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, and honey it can help you zone out and be in the moment, enjoying it, savoring every second. First few weeks after I got my very first jar of The Honey Mud I could not get enough of it. It is so addictive I had to restrict myself to using it not more than once a day because if I use the same product too often my skin gets used to the product and it becomes less effective.
    Soul-feeding smell aside, this cleanser leaves the skin feeling silky-soft. You can use it as a mask too and you will be tempted to leave it on your face for as long as possible. No problem, do that. I've tried it as a mask a couple of times and the result wasn't much different from using it as a cleanser. But because you apply it to dry skin and because it has the texture of honey it's not as easy to spread. Therefore you use five times more product than you would if you were applying it to wet skin. But if your budget allows you to use a $90 product as generously as you wish then go ahead. May aslo says that you can use it head-to-toe if you're a queen.
     To sum it up, I highly recommend investing in this product. It is easily the best smelling skincare item I've ever owned and it is all natural, pure and cruelty-free (not vegan as it contains honey, but it's collected in a more sustainable and humane way). It doesn't strip your skin of its natural protective barrier and feeds the skin instead. It is suitable for all skins including most sensitive. This product brings joy into my skincare routine and it now has its permanent and well-deserved place in my skincare collection. #inloveforeverwithhoneymud

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