Volumizing Hair Products That Actually Work

My hair has always been quite heavy yet thin, so it has always lacked volume. For that reason, I've been trying various volumizing products and none of them worked. At least they didn't work the way I wanted them to.

Personally, I hate the feeling of a product in my hair. Some of those volumising products required heat styling (not an option for me as well), some of them made my hair feel dirty and sticky, some (like Oribe Dry Texturising Spray) made my hair a crunchy untouchable mess. Afer some time I've lost my faith in those types of products and decided to accept my hair as it is. Until one day I got a sample of Aveda Volumizing Tonic. I used it just because I had it and did not expect any results from it whatsoever. To my surprise, it worked quite well. This tonic is perfect for everyday use for any length of hair. I started using it while I had really long hair it worked just as well. This product is almost undetectable on the hair yet you can see the volume. From the bunch, I would say this one is the one you should definitely try. It claims to add a lift at the root, weightless volume and shine to your hair. I'm not sure about the shine part but other two claims are on point. I don't have a single bad thing to say about this tonic. It smells good, works perfectly and is undetectable - that's good enough in my book.
Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep is very similar to the Volumising Tonic, the most distinctive difference is probably the smell and additional light conditioning effect. If you have very dry damaged hair you might consider this one over the Volumizing Tonic. I like them both equally and switch between the two depending on the mood.
Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder is my all time favorite dry shampoo. First of all, it's not in the spray form, which is better for the planet (and in my case my lungs and my nose). I simply can not stand the chemical stench that comes out of the spray cans with dry shampoo and other styling products! However, I do appreciate a good dry shampoo on the days when my hair needs de-greasing in between the washes. And this one from Bumble and Bumble is just perfect for that. It does have a light artificial floral scent to it but it's in no way offensive or heavy. You sprinkle it onto the roots, massage it in and you're good to go. The hair is no longer greasy and it has extra volume instead. I've had this sample size for a while now and it's still half full.
On special occasions when I need something more than just effortless volume Ouai Wave Spray comes in handy. This product is not something I would use on the daily basis as it is detectable on the hair. However, it is quite tolerable if I only wear it for a limited period of time. It adds texture and hold to your hair so it's perfect for creating soft waves or beach hair look for a night out. It also smells nice, still artificial but not as bad as some other products on the market.

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