One Brand Travel Friendly Skin Care Regimen. Omorovicza

I absolutely love to discover new products. And the best way, in my opinion, is through discovery kits. For a reasonable price, you can try a few products from a brand and not feel frustrated if you don't like the products after all.

I've contemplated ordering anything from Omorovicza for quite some time because their products may easily cause a significant dent in your wallet. This Essential Set, however, is less intimidating and won't break your bank.
What's inside:
Thermal Cleansing Balm to me is a great all over cleanser. I love when balm cleansers don't irritate sensitive eye area and this one sure doesn't do that. It is packed full of great ingredients beneficial for everyone nearing their 30s and over. I like to use it for face massage and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes to rip all of its benefits. Then I remove it with a hot cloth and continue with the next skincare step.
Queen of Hungary Mist is no ordinary toner. Unlike other face mists and flower waters, this one doesn't just help your next skin care step to sink deeper into the skin, it actually works as a separate treatment. After I spray it on the clean face and massage it in I immediately can feel that it works. It softens and hydrates the skin. And needless to say, it smells great.
I'm sure you know that glow of the freshly cleansed and moisturized skin. Well, Illuminating Moisturizer gives you that glow plus it keeps your face looking fresh and supple all day. I was actually surprised when I saw myself in the mirror during the day after using this cream. I looked like I've just finished my morning skincare ritual. Apparently, it contains the ruby crystal, which I guess is what makes it illuminating. However, I haven't noticed any shimmer particles on my skin, yet it looked dewy and illuminated.
Rejuvenating Night Cream is a very rich nourishing cream perfect for the night time when your skin needs some extra love. I use this cream as a treatment and my skin looks great the next morning.
This set also comes with a nice travel case and a cleansing mitt.
I also got a travel size of Firming Neck Cream with purchase. This one was the least exciting product for me simply because my neck area doesn't need firming and lifting just yet. I still use a little bit of it on my neck in the evening. It is very rich so I think this little jar will last me a while.
Overall Omorovicza products are very natural, contain all sorts of powerful ingredients and smell great (which is obviously the most important factor). I am very impressed with the things that I've tried so far and I'm looking forward to trying new things from this brand.

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