One Brand Skincare Regimen. Evanhealy.

     A few months ago while I was shopping at Whole Foods, a skincare brand called Evanhealy caught my eye. The packaging was very minimalistic-looking and clean. However, it didn't say that the products were cruelty-free, for that I had to contact the brand directly.

    After using products from Evanhealy for quite a while my verdict is - it's good. It's like Tata Harper but more affordable and with more character. I've never thought that skin care can have a character. But this one certainly does have one. Browsing their website is both educational and inspirational. This brand made me rethink some of the habits that I had in my skincare. For example, I gave up all acid/enzyme peeling treatments. While it does give you instant results it also makes your skin more sensitive and vulnerable. Anyway, I can talk about this brand for hours, let's dive into the details.
     One of the most impressive things that I've tried from Evannhealy is the Lemongrass Facial Polish. It comes in that kind of packaging that spices usually come in, with a twist-and-shake top. Not very fancy and it does look messy all the time. It also smells like herbs and spices. But it is so incredibly good for your skin. It claims to be a cleanser, a toner, and a face mask all in one. And it actually is. My skin feels and looks great every time after I use this product. I used to love grainy scrubs, I still do. But I always thought that milder scrubs don't do anything for your skin. And this facial polish is not your typical facial scrub. It feels very soft when you rub it onto your face, and the first time I used it I thought it won't make any difference. But once you wash it off your face you can feel and see the difference in your skin. It's soft and supple, full of life and healthy glow. If you want to explore this brand I would recommend starting with Lemongrass Facial Polish.
    After cleansing comes toning. Evanhealy has a wide range of hydrosols for any taste and purpose. I currently use the Heart of Summer Hydrosoul. I don't really see the difference in terms of results between all of the hydrosols that I've tried. For me, the only thing that changes is the smell. In terms of results, I would say it's one of those products that I believe that it does something very good to my skin but I don't see a drastic difference. However, when you use it in conjunction with serums and creams it helps the following products to penetrate deeper into the skin which is always good.
    Sea Algae Serum intrigued me because I've read in Q&A section that it helps to stop your sunscreen from migrating into your eyes. It didn't work for me, unfortunately. Not that it didn't stop the sunscreen from getting into my eyes, it just didn't sink into my skin and stayed on top of it. And when I was on vacation in Thailand in high humidity and high temperature, as soon as I started sweating it was sliding off my face along with the sunscreen. For less hot climate it's ok, but not great. I would not buy this one again.
    Rose Vetiver Fluid Moisturizer was a limited edition, unfortunately. I would have bought it again because it is a great moisturizer. I use it day or night, with or without additional products. For my dry skin, it works well on its own, leaving my skin looking healthy and supple. It basically is a cross between Rose Vetiver Day Moisturiser and Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid.  First is more nourishing and aromatic, the second one is lighter in texture.
    For the eyes, there is a very convenient Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm. It basically is a balm in a stick form for your eyes. Very easy to use and nourishing for the eyes. It does get into the eyes if I apply too much, but a little bit is enough to nourish the skin and not get into the eyes.
    And the final touch is the perfume oil. Mine is the Jasmine and it was a gift with purchase. A very pleasant surprise I must say. It smells gorgeous and looks very pretty on my vanity table. It's not very long-lasting so I prefer applying it after the shower/bath as an additional pampering step before going to bed. It is slightly pricey for the amount of product you get, so I'm not sure I'll ever purchase it myself.

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