My Lightweight Morning Skin Care Routine for Warmer Days

Unlike in most other parts of the world, September in California doesn't mean that the autumn is here. This year autumn here started with a heat wave with temperature rising over 100F. Needless to say I didn't want to use heavy moisturizers in the morning. But I still needed to have something on my skin before applying the sunscreen. So here's my hot day morning skin care I've been reaching fore.

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser is surprisingly average. It does the job of cleaning the skin but that's about it. It doesn't dry out my skin yet it doesn't moisturize it either. So it's kind of a neutral product that leaves your skin clean and ready for the next step in your skincare regimen. I don't mind using it for now but I won't buy it again.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner is a perfect product to help you and your skin to wake up in the morning. It is incredibly refreshing and slightly tingly. My skin looks instantly brighter and glowing after I use this toner. I enjoy using it very much and I will be buying more of it in the future.

Perricone MD PRE:EMPT Series Brightening Eye Cream is also perfect for mornings. It has lightweight texture that delivers the perfect amount of moisture for the day time. It probably wouldn't be enough if you'll be using only this eye cream. But I use more nourishing night cream so it works for me. However, this eye cream isn't something special and I see myself easily switching to anything else.

MV Organic Skincare Instant Revival Booster is a lightweight oil. What is surprising about this one is that it doesn't make your skin look oily at all. I don't really mind looking slightly dewy but this one almost looks matte on the skin. This oil feels light on the skin, looks light and absorbs very quickly. And the skin feels very soft and smooth immediately. This oil makes me curious to try more products from the brand.

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