Evanhealy Hibiscus Willow Flower Mask

     Do you remember that comical look of a woman with a green face mask on her face and a bunch of hair rollers on her head? The one that was so often portrayed in old movies. And men in those movies would always get scared by that look. Well, call Kubrick and von Trier because this face mask is about to step up your scary-mask-face game quite a bit.
     Hibiscus Willow Flower mask by Evanhealy makes your face look raw like all skin has been peeled off it. Also just like with all the other Evanhealy face masks you should steer clear from wearing your favorite t-shirt while applying this mask. It has rich berry tones to it and it will most likely stain everything it comes in contact with.
     However, I find it very appropriate for the summer. It smells reminiscent of berries and it feels like you've smooshed a handful of berries onto the skin. Very refreshing after a hot day. And I feel like it restores the vitality of my skin and rejuvenates it. It has a similar effect as a good facial toner does but it stays on the skin longer, therefore, the effect is deeper. And as soon as I wash it off and put on a moisturizer my skin looks very bright and fresh. It also makes a great morning mask for that reason. The only thing that I find slightly annoying is that you have to mix it with water or toner everytime you want to use it as it comes in powder form like all Evanhealy face masks. I would recommend adding slightly more liquid than recommended because it turns out on a thicker side and not very easy to apply if you do as instructed. On the other hand, it makes every application of the face mask as fresh as it can be.
    All in all, I think anyone can enjoy this face mask despite the fact that you need to mix it with water everytime you want to use it. And if you are a fan of Stephen King and always wanted to look like Carrie this face mask is the one for you. All jokes aside, highly recommend trying the mask this summer!

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