My Face Mask Vault

     In my skin care, I prefer switching between a few products, therefore having more than one product for each purpose. I always have at least two cleansers, two moisturizers, two serums, two eye creams etc. That's how I've built this face mask collection over the last few months. I use them not as often as moisturizers and toners so when I buy a new mask turns out I still have a few to use.

    I'll start with two face masks that are not cruelty-free. When I was putting them into my basket at Sephora I was somehow sure Belif is a cruelty-free brand. And only when I sat down to write this review I found out that it's being sold in China, which means their products are being tested on animals. And if that's something you don't care about, I probably still wouldn't recommend any of these two. Peat Miracle Revital Clay mask is a pretty basic clay face mask. I didn't see any difference in my skin after using it, no brightening effect, no tightened pores. It also isn't very effective at extracting oil and impurities from the skin. The True Tincture mask with chamomile also wasn't very impressive. It's a good pick me up in the morning just to feel more fresh and awake. However, I haven't noticed more even skin or extreme moisturization. None of these two masks are bad, but they are not distinctively good either.
    Another product I've been trying to love but it wasn't that great is the overhyped Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper. It's very similar to The True Tincture mask by Belif. It has gel-like consistency and supposed to be brightening and resurfacing. However, it doesn't do anything great to my skin. All I can say about this face mask is that it's tingly and refreshing. But for the price tag that it comes with it is not enough.
    Now onto the good stuff. Evanhealy has been a discovery for me. I love the philosophy behind this brand, the prices, and the packaging. But most importantly I love almost every product from Evanhealy. These two face masks are no exception.
    The French Rose Clay mask is very good at pulling out impurities and light exfoliation. It's also has a bright brick color to it, which is both good and bad. It gives my face lightly flushed look which I like. But you also should never ever use this mask while wearing something you like because once this clay touches the fabric (especially white) you can never wash it off completely. I only use this one while I'm soaking it the bathtub, I've learned the lesson the hard way (a few t-shirts later).
Then there's Green Tea Clay mask. What I like about this one is that it really detoxifies and brightens the skin. On the other hand, when it dries it shrinks and pulls the skin very hard and almost painfully. So probably don't wait until it's completely dry with this one.
    If you want the same detoxifying effect but without the tugging of the skin and mixing the clay with water by yourself than Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque is just for you. This mask is truly a superhero and probably one of the most effective masks that I've tried. It sucks out all the impurities and excess oils out of your pores and doesn't dry out your skin. It's almost twice as expensive as Evanhealy ones but it's worth it. So when my skin needs a quick fix this Parsley Seed mask is the one that I'm reaching for.
    And the last mask in my collection is the Fresh Start Mask by Skyn Iceland. It's supposed to be a re-texturizing mask. And it basically is a two-step peeling system with clay and acid steps. I haven't been reaching for this one as much after I've started using Evanhealy products. I've read a lot of persuasive facts about chemical peeling on her website and it kind of spoke to me. So now I try to avoid all kinds of aggressive treatments for my skin. But when I was using this two-step mask I did enjoy it. And the clay part smells a lot like natural sulfured clay. So it must be really good for the skin. It's the peeling part of this mask that I'm not sure about.

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