New in My Skin Care Rotation. Morning

   Sometimes I really don't have time and patience for a 10-step morning routine. And these past few weeks I've been really lazy with my skin care. Not lazy enough to skip it completely, however,  but sometimes I would use a toner and a cotton pad instead of washing my face with a cleanser. And let me tell you it feels great.

   I love the Aesop one which I've mentioned in my evening skin care routine . And I use the same eye cream as well. Sometimes I just apply my favorite face oil after a toner or a cleanser and go on with my day.
   On the days when I feel like going an extra mile with my skin care I use a serum. After my toner and before the oil, no deviations here. Frankly speaking, I have mixed feelings towards this Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum. First few applications it stayed on my face till the very evening. I could not feel it during the day, it actually made my skin feel very smooth and soft. But when I went to wash my face I felt that I was washing it all off, as none of it was absorbed by the skin. But after a few a times everything went to normal. I've also started using less product and now I like it better. And it helps to create a great surface for the makeup as well. But it's not the best serum I've tried.
   My face oil of choice this month has been MV Organics Instant Revival. Smells good, works well, sinks into the skin without a trace if you use a small amount. Not that I have anything against the dewy skin, on the contrary. But if you do, just so you know, no one will know you've just put oil on your face.
   Spray/toner that I've been loving is by Evanhealy. A brand I've stumbled upon at Whole Foods market. This Lavender Facial Tonic HydroSoul has a smell that is not for everyone. It doesn't smell like lavender in it's most common form. It is very natural and it smells more like lavender tea rather than essential oil. I love it anyway, I find it therapeutic and mind-clearing and I'm looking forward to trying other hydroSouls.

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