New In My Skin Care Rotation. Evening.

    Switching to cruelty-free products, and I've said it many times already, made me go outside of my comfort zone and take so many scary leaps of faith with many different brands and products. And I haven't been disappointed as many times as I expected. So today I'm excited to share with you these four products that have won their place in my heart and my daily skin care routine.

    The first step after cleansing my skin is this Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant  Facial Toner. It's very refreshing and I even use it instead of washing my face in the morning sometimes. I simply drench a cotton pad with it and wipe my face. And my skin feels tighter and fresher afterward. It has lots of great ingredients and helps fight negative radicals in your skin.
    Then I apply my eye cream. Currently it is Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream. The reason why I love it is because it is non-migrating. It means that I can put it all over my eye area, including the eye lids, and it won't get into my eyes (eyeballs and all that). I've had rivers streaming out of my eyes caused by an eye cream quite a few times before and it's not something anybody would want. This eye cream is also all natural, organic does the job perfectly.
   Next step is slightly gimmicky. This Kate Somerville Mega-C Dual Radiance Serum has two tubes with two different products in it. One contains moisturizer, the other one contains vitamin C for your skin, but you need to mix them together. And it actually makes sense because this way vitamin C stays intact until the very when you apply it to your skin. Otherwise it would have reacted with the cream base and wouldn't have been as effective. And the process of pushing two different pumps on one bottle and mixing two substances in the palm of my hand makes me feel a bit like a mad scientist. It also does sting almost every time. Feels just like Good Genes from Sunday Riley, nothing unbearable and worth the results.
   Speaking of Sunday Riley, it has been in my skin care rotation constantly for over a year now. And I don't think it's ever going to be completely replaced. I love every product I've tried from that brand and currently I'm using Luna oil. I love it in every way and that's pretty much all, what I have to say about it.

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