My Absolutely Favorite Every Day Sunscreen

    Winter or not, it is still very important to protect your skin from sun damage. However, there are a few reasons why I've been skipping on using sunscreen, even during summer, unless I knew the sun is blazing outside and I'll burn otherwise.

The first reason for that is the feeling the product leaves on my skin. The majority of sunscreens have uncomfortable textures, at least to my taste. They either are very oily or silicony, I don't want any of that on my skin during the day (or ever, actually). Second reason - the smell. That strong chemical smell that haunts you all day long until you wash it off. Some people like it, I personally despise it. Third reason - that naughty white hue that makes you look slightly sick and gray. The healthiest type of sunscreen is the physical one (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), but it comes with this price of having a slightly gray face (unless you have very pale skin).
    Perricone MD Photo Plasma doesn't have any of those three things I've mentioned above. Which makes it my perfect daily healthy sunscreen. It goes on like a usual oil-free moisturizer, it has barely any smell to it, it doesn't give my skin white/gray mask effect and its active ingredient is titanium dioxide. SPF 30 is also perfect for daily use.
   The only thing I don't like about this product is the price. Yeap, $75 is not cheap at all, but I think eventually it is worth the cause. If it helps me not to skip my sunscreen and to protect my skin from damaging effect of the sun, it is worth it. Can you protect your skin for a much cheaper price? You absolutely can, but it won't be as pleasant to use as this one. However, if you've come across a similar but cheaper sunscreen, please let me know!

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