Gift Ideas For A Yogi Friend

Here are a few ideas for you if you have a friend who loves yoga but you have no idea what to buy them as a gift for these holidays. I love yoga too, so it's basically my own wish-list.

1. Snug
It's winter time and even though you get really hot doing yoga poses, it's very important to stay warm when you walk outside into the cold. Here's a lovely sweater to keep your yogi friend warm and snuggly.

2. Wipe & clean
It's nice to have a fresh and clean yoga mat underneath you when you lower into chaturanga. So to keep your beloved yogi's mat smelling nice, sneak this mat wash into their stocking! Hand and face towel is also very handy during practice to wipe off excess moisture and to prevent yogi from slipping.

3. For sore muscles
These two products are meant for making your yogi's post-workout recovery more enjoyable. One for sore muscles, one to unwind.

4. Pack & carry
What can be more exciting than a sleek lululemon bag that has slots for a yoga mat!? The answer is - obviously, nothing.

5. Roll
Standing in a downward dog pose can get a bit boring so you can entertain your yogi by giving them a colorful yoga mat. So they can stare at it during long stretching poses and think about how great of a friend you are.

6. Slick
Annoying flyaway hairs sticking to your wet face during practice can ruin the concentration and the mood. To prevent that give your yogi a lovely head band.

7. Anti-slip
To ensure your yogi's safety and comfort during practice even more, give them this mat towel. Not only it looks totally awesome and zen, but it's also made from recycled materials!

8. Drink
Keep your yogi hydrated by giving them a bottle they will never forget to take to the practice. Hydration is very important for your yogi. And for you for that matter, so probably get one for yourself too.

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