Lets Talk About Tea

   Just ever so slightly a different topic here on my blog. Tea. I love me a cup of a great tea, and my preferences heavily depend on my mood. As I’ve moved to the US I’ve been struggling to find proper tea with enough flavor. Maybe I was totally out of luck and passed right by a great brand, but I can say without a doubt that I’ve tried a lot of tea here and none of it was good enough.
Except, maybe, for The Mighty Leaf,  that really meets my expectations. But at some point, I started looking for more variety. And when I got my first Blue Birds Tea Co order delivered and dove right into sniffing and brewing I knew those were my cups of tea (I had to say that).

   Have I ordered many more delicious tea blends after that - yes, did I like every single one of them - no. But you know what, I loved trying those teas anyway. Every time it’s like a mini adventure. Even though I’ve read the description, my taste buds do not always agree with it. For example, Hot Cross Bun doesn’t smell like freshly baked buns to me, it smells of a warm night by the fire, and it’s mind-blowing. Some blends are just like art, evoking emotions and memories, some are pretty straight forward, like Sangria. I love both this types of tea.
   I thought about giving a recommendation of flavors to try, but you know what, don’t let me ruin your tea adventure, choose yourself. The only thing that I would recommend getting is the monthly subscription, that way you can try three flavors without commitment. Meaning if any particular flavor didn't tickle your soul, you can move along to a new one or purchase a huge tin of the blend you've enjoyed. If that didn't convince you, how about that - your first box comes with a complimentary and a very good quality measuring spoon with "1 cup of perfect tea" written on it. Isn't that adorable?!
   Also, I would like to add that I very much appreciate every hand-written note that they include, small doodles are especially delightful and always make my day. I hope that they’ll keep this attitude.

What is your favorite tea brand? 

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