Le Labo Discovery Set

   There’s not much to choose from on the cruelty-free perfume market. And Le Labo definitely stands out in this small crowd. You’ll find a great variety of unique smells, even for the very picky noses. This brand is very hard to find in stores, so if you’re interested in giving some of their perfume a try before purchasing a full-size bottle of a scandalously expensive perfume, here’s a great option for you.

   THÉ NOIR 29 is my personal favorite. It is a complicated and interesting combination of layers of various notes. At first when you just spray it on it hits you with the freshness of bergamot, than, when bergamot wears off it transforms into a warmer black tea smell with wooden and fig notes. And it finishes off with an indescribable and barely noticeable beautiful warm smell.
   Bergamote 22 wins the second place. Very fresh, slightly floral. Dissolves into a simple smell of cleanliness. Like you’ve just taken a shower and had a long walk outside in a fresh air. 
   Neroli 36 is floral and musky at the same time. This fragrance reminds me of an old-fashioned french soap. This one for me was a bit hard to wear and it’s a bit too old-fashions for my taste.
   If I had to describe ROSE 31 in a few words it would be this - a unisex woodsy rose fragrance. And it basically says it all. It definitely is not a standard rose scent. To me it smells like a blooming, slightly dried up rose bud and warm wood that’s been exposed to the sun for a few hours. This one wasn’t hard to wear but still is not for me.
   Santal 33 was inspired by an image of a man from the old Marlboro adds. This one is probably the most complicated one of the five that are in this discovery set. It has fresh almost grassy notes when you smell it right from the source, but the veil that it leaves after a person is warm and sweet and slightly floral, but smoky and woodsy at the same time. And even though it was inspired by a very manly image, it definitely can be worn by women. 
   So, here’s my final verdict - this discovery set would make a wonderful present to anyone, actually. It is also a good way to try out expensive perfumes and get adventurous, switching fragrances every gay. I found this experience very refreshing, and you don’t end up with five full bottles of perfume you don’t like, no obligations. However, not all of their fragrances last very long on the skin. From the five I’ve mentioned above only two (Santal 33 and Rose 31) last long enough. Other three leave no trace of ever existing after a few hours. I’m still interested in trying the larger discovery set though. (By the way, props to Le Labo for a hand-written note inside!)

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