Discovering The World Of Non-Toxic Nail Polish (and Cruelty-Free).

Tenoverten nail polish in 024 Prince and The Shiel High Shine Protective top coat, both 18$

   I've never heard about Tenoverten before I saw it on net-a-porter in "just arrived" section. That moment changed my life (well kinda). I always thought that for a nail polish in order to be very long lasting it must be made of all sorts of nasty. Turns out I was wrong.

I wasn't even looking for a harmless nail polish or for a cruelty-free nail polish brand for that matter. It's just this particular color caught my eye, I saw it immediately among other tempting products. It was definitely calling for me. Just look at this color... So after I discovered that not only this nail polish looks gorgeous (don't make me start on the other shades, I still don't understand how I'm holding myself from buying half of the shades from their website at once) I was happy to find out that it's also free from 8 standard nail polish bad ingredient and are cruelty-free!
   But that's where my journey only begins. When I received it and was finally able to give it a try, well that's when the real surprise came in. Can you believe me when I say that it's possible to apply pastel shade to your nails and have it perfectly opaque and even in one coat? Well you better, because what you see on my nails is one coat of this miraculous nail polish. It dries fast, lasts at least five days and with the topcoat looks even better. However, I was expecting it not to have this pungent standard nail polish smell which it does have. On the bright side, unlike standard nail polishes, this smell goes away after it dries down. That's good enough for me because I've had my nail stinking of nail polish from the day I applied it till the day I took it off and I did not enjoy that.
   Long story short - you need this in your life! This is by far my favorite nail polish, formula and color selection-wise. Totally worth splurging 18$.

All tenoverten nail polish and nail care is rid of:

dibutyl phthalate (dbp)
formaldehyde resin
ethyl tosylamide
triphenyl phosphate (tphp)

+ it is cruelty-free

Have you tried any of the Tenoverten polishes? Which is your favorite color?

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