Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes. Wet N Wild.

   Buying 19 brushes for the price of 1 high-end or even middle range brush is incredibly satisfying as it is. However these Wet N Wild brushes are just as good as those expansive ones. From my somewhat experience with brushes I can say that they are very close to Zoeva brushes and definitely softer  than Real Techniques (main collection, not Bold Metals). I had high expectations for my Zoeva brushes but they had weird random hairs sticking out of them, they also did shed a bit. These shed too, but they are so much cheaper and you can replace them pain-free. And yes, they are from a 100% cruelty free brand. 
Blush Brush C796
A bit too flexible, I'm used to applying blush with a slightly stiffer brush or my Real Techniques one. But that's just my preference, it still worked well. It's also the softest one out of the bunch.
Large Stipple Brush C794A
Bought it specifically to try duo-fiber stipple brush as I've seen so many people apply their foundation with it and never tried for myself. Wasn't a fan of it. Tell me I'm not the only one, but it felt so so weird and wrong to drag my foundation around my face with long separate bristles. It seemed like most of the product stayed on the brush because I couldn't apply any pressure to it, when with my flat top foundation brush I can smooth it out in a couple of swipes. 
Small Stipple Brush C793A
Noticeably stiffer, easier to work with for those who's not used to using this type of duo-fiber brushes. Less soft than other brushes but still as good as it gets for the money.
Small Concealer Brush C788 (using it for eyeshadow)
Smoky Liner Brush C782B
Angled Liner Brush C781B
Crease Brush C787
Large Eyeshadow Brush C786
Small Eyeshadow Brush C785
All are awesome. Wouldn't use crease brush for the crease though, it works better for me as a blending brush. 
   Final thought - good brushes for the good price, from a 100% cruelty free band, soft and pretty. What more do you need from a 2$ brush?

What are your favorite vegan cruelty free brushed?

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