Becca Champagne Collection Eye Look And First Impression.

   I was so excited to try this eyeshadow palette that I could barely handle taking pictures before digging into pans for swatches. Swatches turned out as good as I expected. However, I had some real difficulty picking up shimmery colors with a brush even with setting spray on it. Applying it with a finger worked better, but the color and pigmentation still didn't show up as good as on swatches. You can see on the pictures that the shadow is lacking sparkle.
   I'm not completely disappointed in this palette, color selection is lovely, matte colors are still nice and blendable with just the right amount of pigment. It's shimmery ones that are upsetting because, well, they were supposed to be the star of this palette. I'm not going to return it, however, I would say that you won't loose anything if you won't buy it for yourself. Or if you weren't able to buy it as it sold out so quickly, don't be too upset, because you didn't miss much.

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