Sephora Favorites. Quench Your Skin Set.

What's inside:

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 1 oz 
  This product didn’t wow me, but it’s an excellent moisturizer to throw in the bag and have it on hand in case of dry skin emergency.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 1 oz 
  This one I already have in full size, it’s a nice overnight face mask and it goes straight to my travel minis bag.

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask 1 oz 
  Em, wasn’t a fan of this one at all. Not that it did something bad to my skin, well it was constantly getting into my eyes and irritating them quite noticeably, but that’s the main reason. After I took this sheet mask off it left an unpleasant thick tacky film that I was still able to feel even when it dried completely. So even though instructions says to massage the serum in and leave it on I had to rinse it off. And I didn’t notice any moisturizing effect afterwards. But after all that’s what this kit is about - to help you find your perfect skincare!

Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream 0.68 oz
  Lovely product in general. However I had some issues with it. First of all it smell very old-lady-like, very old fashioned and strong. For a few seconds I even thought about washing it off right away. Than I got distracted by the fact that it stayed white on my skin for quite awhile. It took some time to work it into my skin but by the time it sinked into the skin it felt really silky and soft. The smell faded enough for me to be able to handle it and in the and I was very pleased with the result. Definitely gonna keep using it.

Boscia Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and Brighten 0.51 oz
  Another “Nothing Special” product. It sinks into the skin extremely quickly so you have to be very quick in applying face oil/moisturiser (I prefer applying them onto damp skin so it sinks deeper in) and it feels like it did nothing at all. I much prefer my L’Occitan lotions.

Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask 0.5 oz 
  Did nothing to my skin. And honestly all this 10 minute hydrating masks never do anything to my skin. The may feel  good and soothing while they are on but once the mask is off my face so is the hydration. May be for someone who loves this type of face masks this one will be awesome because I know that this brand does a lot of good products including masks.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil 0.5 oz 
  Well this one was surprisingly a winner. I fell in love with this oil from the very first time it touched my skin. Everything is amazing about this product - smell, texture, effect. It’s a rather thick oil, very rich and nourishing. I use it at night and it the morning my skin is supple and radiant. I would dare to say it’s a worthy substitute product for my beloved Sunday Riley Juno oil (and it is MUCH cheaper). Love it!

L'Occitane Pure Shea Butter 0.35 oz
  It’s not very but I’m glad I have this small tub of it. It’s a handy thing to have in your purse as a multitask product, but I most likely won’t buy it in full size.

Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil 0.33 oz
  Oh, another star product of this set. Beautiful beautiful light oil. I think anyone will love it, so if you’re still one of those people who’s afraid to use oils on their face I recommend you to get this kit at least for this oil. It’s almost unnoticeable on the skin after you apply it, so I use it in the morning for healthy looking glowing skin. And it also works wonderful as a base for makeup. 

Belif The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb Deluxe 0.33 oz 
  I’ve heard Graveyard Girl raving about this cream but so I got really excited when I saw it in this kit. Well it was one of the reasons I bought this kit. But it was one product I was really skeptical about for some reason. And it surprised me. It is really that good. You can instantly feel the wave of moisture running to your face as you apply it and the next morning your face is smooth and soft as baby’s butt. This thing is no joke.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Oil Balm 0.3 oz 
  I did’t like the texture of it for moisturizer. Most likely I’m gonna use it as emergency makeup remover.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream 0.17 oz
  Going to by it in full size as soon as I’m out of my other eye creams. It’s very nourishing and pleasant to use. Can’t say anything about anti-aging, but it’s definitely effective in terms of deep hydration. 

Overall thoughts:

The kit is definitely worth investing at least if you’re slightly bored with your current skin care routine but not ready to invest into something expansive and new. And even if you don’t like half of them like I did you’ll have a number of handy-dandy things to keep in your bag for any kind of beauty emergency from fixing fly-aways to taking off waterproof makeup (found out the hard way that you should bring any king of oil makeup remover with you on any travel). 

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