My Soulmate in a Form of Fragrance. BYREDO Pulp.

Top: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Cardamon
Heart: Fig, Red Apple, Tiare
Base: Cedarwood, Peach Flower, Praline
Price - 145$ (50ml)

   It was almost the love from the first sniff. Almost because it took me three or four months to develop this unconditional warm feeling towards this scent. Sniffing such unique scents in the store is never enough to know whether it is your scent. In my case, it was a decent sample kindly given to me by a lovely man in Neiman Marcus along with two other scents to compare that made it clear that I absolutely need this in my life. Wearing them on different occasions and seeing how they open up and change throughout the day helps you understand whether you like it or not. Right after I left the store I was sure I prefer Rose Noir over the Pulp. And even after a couple of days running different errands and going to parties wearing it, I kept saying "it smells amazing but I don't think I can handle it for a long time, it's too strong, it's too much".  It is a bit strong when I just put it on (duh, it's Eau de Parfum), but it softens after some time turning into a veil of captivating and playful smell. 

   What it smells like to me? Imagine yourself standing under an umbrella in the middle of the fruit garden with a glass of bubbling Prosecco in your hand. It's almost dusk and it was a hot late summer day. Suddenly pouring rain comes crashing down hitting various rape fruits off the branches. Fruits hit the ground and smash. Sweet, sour, tart, bitter, fresh and warm airy veil wraps around you, you can smell it all at the same time including a hint of Prosecco from the glass in your hand and it makes you happy. But when I'm wearing even with a basic outfit (like ripped jeans and gray T) it makes me feel like I'm wearing Valentino or Roberto Cavalli, in a nutshell, I feel like a million bucks.

   And it's actually the simplicity of the design was what first made me gravitate towards the row of elegant round bottles with black shiny buttons on top in a perfume store.  It's amazing to hold something that has so much thought put into it, from the box to the scent itself. Unboxing experience was beyond my expectations. Beside from beautiful and detailed box I loved the note from the creator. It was a nice personal touch and a brief information about the brand and its philosophy. And can't ignore mentioning that the cute black bubble cap is magnetic, appreciate that too.

   So thank you, Ben Gorham, Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette (and whoever else took part in creating this wonderful unique fragrance and the line of fragrances in general) for this great experience in a world of all types of scents and flashbacks, I'm sure my journey in it just begins.

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