Latest Additions to My Skin Care

   When I saw a set of these two half size products (Good Genes and Luna) in Sephora for only 78$ (105$ each for a full size) there were no back thoughts about getting it. It is a perfect size to put these products to the test and find out if it's worth investing into full sizes or not.

   Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid treatment is something that I don't really need that much. I have normal-dry skin with a very rare occasional spot. But I really love exfoliating my skin properly from time to time as it makes my skin brighter and fresh looking. Lactic acid is less irritating to the skin as for example retinol. But if I'll say that Good Genes doesn't sting my skin at all I would be lying. It stings for about 10 seconds when you just started massaging it in and then it's gone. I've never had irritations or flakiness after I've used it (and my skin does freak out sometimes after some random products. Latest drama was when my face  have been flaking off for days after I've used Lemon Strip Flash Peel by Ole Henriksen.) It is overall an interesting product to play with and to use as an additional step to your skin care routine. But I wasn't impressed by it. For my skin, it didn't do much, even though I've enjoyed using it and don't regret buying it one bit. Totally recommend buying it in this set, especially if you haven't tried Luna either.

   Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil is one of the most hyped skin care products at the moment. Do you know somebody who at least hasn't heard about it? I don't. And because of that hype, I had really high expectations for this product and it didn't live up to them. First of all, I already have Sunday Riley product that I full heartedly adore and it's Juno oil. In comparison to luna it's much more nourishing and restorative. It can bring my skin back to life from any condition it's in. Luna, on the other hand, doesn't give my skin enough moisture. I know that it's very beneficial to my skin and that ingredients are some of the best and all natural. But the result is what matters and I couldn't see any changes in my skin after using it. Even with occasional spots, it didn't speed up the healing process. So I'm gonna use this product till the last drop and I'm gonna enjoy it, but I most likely will never buy it again.


   I got couple samples of Nude Progenius Omega Treatment milk (58$) with one of my purchases.  And they made it's way to my minis travel bag for my trip to Russia this winter (it was freezing out there, like -25C freezing). And when my skin got introduced to this weather with cold wind and snow blowing into my face it started flaking. And when I in random fashion wiped out a sample of Progenius milk and slathered it all over my face before sleep I felt instant relief and in the morning my skin was good as new. I'm seriously telling you it was that dramatic. Something in this product in this particular formula (I also tried Omega Oil and I didn't like it this much) makes it so unique to every other moisturizer I've tried. I even fell out of love with creams and any other form of moisturizer but oils. The would stay on my skin as a film or they'd leave my face sticky or won't give my skin enough moisture. But Nude Progenius milk is a truly extraordinary skin care item. It is light in consistency but it delivers moisture deeply into the skin and leaves it looking radiant and youthful. It definitely is something you should give a try if you have dry-normal skin.


   This is my first time trying Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (28,50$) and it very quickly became one of my favorites out of all eye creams that I've used. I know I'm late to the party but it sure is better late than never. It is rightfully a cult product I must say. I love how the consistency of it changes on the skin from creamy into almost water-like and it sinks right in leaving your eye area ready for the day (or night). I love how moisturizing and gentle it is, it hasn't caused any stinging or burning sensation or irritation in my eyes.


   Bite Agave Lip Mask (26$) is another highly rated product that beats every other lip balm you've ever tried. Yes, it is as all products listed above expensive. But it's something that is definitely effective and lasts a very long time. I wouldn't be surprised if this tube will last me for the whole year.


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