My Current Evening Skin Care Routine.

    I love taking time in the evening to really take care of my skin while watching youtube or some tv-series. My skin care routine (after cleansing) always starts with toner.


    Sometimes I mix and match products between my morning and evening routines. But when I'm feeling a tud lazy I gravitate towards spray toners. The one I'm currently using is from Jurlique. It's their Rosewater Balancing Mist. It smells lovely of roses, it's refreshing, but not as life changing as the one from L'Occitane that I use in my morning routine. Anyway it creates a good surface for oil or cream to sink in faster. Plus rosewater in general is very beneficial for the skin. The only drawback I've noticed with all rosewaters I've used - they sting my eyes. If I go slightly heavy-handed with it my eyes can keep watering for up to half an hour. It's hard to avoid eye area because this product is in a spray format but I've figured the way to use it without getting it into my eyes. I like it but I won't buy it again because I don't like when beauty product makes my life more complicated. Beauty time is zen time, no fuss needed, am I right?


   Eye Cream.

   Then put on my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye. I apply it all over my eye area and the lids. Best thing I've noticed about it is that it helps my lashes to recover from wearing mascara. Sometimes they hurt no mater how good mascara is that I use and this helps to sooth them and actually helps them to grow. I've noticed that my lashes become thicker and bushier when I'm concistent with this eye cream. It's pretty darn expensive and I couldn't let myself splurge on it for a very long time. But I'm glad I did.



Next step is serum. While my skin is still wet with toner I apply Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. Just like the eye cream I've mentioned above, I've had a sample of this while ago and I loved it but couldn't dare to splurge on the full size. But again, I don't regret buying it. It's multiplies the effect of anything I apply afterwards. It makes my skin looking plump and healthy in the morning. I can only say good things about this one.



Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil by Sunday Riley is the one product I can use instead of all my skin care products altogether. It has everything you need and more and overall is a beautiful product. If you want to read more about it visit my post about morning skin care .

Next two items are alternatives for Juno to bring some diversity to my evening skin care menu.
One of them is Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil. It smell very florally which I love, it's less nourishing than Juno so I use it on those days when my skin doesn't need that much of additional moisture.


And last but not least Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins. It's a sample here on the photo but I'm gonna repurchase a full size as soon as this one is used up. It feels almost like oil after you've massaged it into your face, very reach and silky yet not heavy. And it really plumps the skin during the night, gives it a very smooth and soft texture. It overall is an awesome and effective product to have and it's not very expensive which is never a bad thing.


Have you used any of this products? Which are your favourites?

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