My Current Morning Skin Care Coutine.

    I keep my morning skin care routine as simple as possible. Even when I have enough time to do whatever I fancy with my skin I just always have better things to do, sooner the better. After washing my face with either just water or some product from my cleansing routine comes toner.

I've been using L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Toner for at least three months, yes one bottle lasts this long. And now I strongly believe that I won't be able to find a toner as good as this one. I've been thinking about trying Tata Harper's one that everyone's raving about but it so SO expensive!! Anyway, what I love about this toner is that it's everything that I want from this type of product. It's not in spray form so I can use a cotton pad to massage it in and at the same time to wipe off traces of makeup and cleanser that may be left on my skin. It smells very good and calming. It gives instant results that I can feel. Sometimes when my skin isn't so dry I don't even put any moisturizer afterward so it can be my only skincare that morning. It's honestly amazing I don't even know what else to say other than It is the best toner I've tried so far.


Eye cream.
I'm using a very good heavy-duty eye cream in the evening so in the morning I don't really need that much of hydration in that area. So I'm currently using this Yves Rocher 7.9 Elixir eye gel. It's nothing special but it's cooling and refreshing with a fun roller applicator that makes application very quick and easy. That's all I need from my morning eye cream on warm summer days.


Here comes the star of this show - Sunday Riley Juno face oil. I love the ingredients (vitamins, omegas, antioxidants and other goodness) and how it's made (cold-pressed) and practically everything about it. Even the smell that some people hate, it's actually not that bad and it fades away after maybe 10 minutes. It has no added fragrance or essential oils that's why it doesn't smell like rainbows and unicorns (it contains broccoli oil after all, but we still drink that stinky green juice for the sake of our health). Does my skin look dramatically different after I use this oil? Probably not, but it looks and feels good. And I hope that this oil really does help to conserve youthfulness of my skin and repair the damages that sun and time have done at this point. And by the way, I've been using this in the morning (and evening sometimes) not only because I love it so much but because it enhances the UV protection of your skin and sunscreen that you use (lovely bonus huh). I was very hesitant purchasing askin care item worth 105$ but I don't regret bying it now. It really is that good and can easily replace most of you other skincare products.


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