Origins Face Masks Trio.

Clear Improvement is good one for weekly use to help your skin get rid of toxins and clogged pores. It contains active charcoal that helps to pull out all the impurities from the pores leaving them tight and clean. I like the immediate tingling sensation that it brings and of course it looks funny. The smell is also nice but nothing special. Piece of advice - use grey wash cloth to wipe it off as it makes white ones looking forever dirty no matter how many times you wash them. Other than that it's very good.


Drink Up Intensive is the most popular one of three. I had very high expectations for it and it didn't live up to it. It's not bad at all but it leaves my skin with pretty much the same effect as my current evening skincare. It smells lovely and it's hydrating. But I wouldn't call it intensive hydration. May be my skin isn't dry enough to experience healing properties of this mask. Anyhow, I'll use it up but won't buy again.


Out Of Trouble on the other hand was the one I haven't heard anything about at all. However it turned out to be my favourite even though my skin isn't problem or blemish-prone. Any time I get small spots on my face I apply this mask directly to the problem area for recommended amount of time and the next day the spot is visibly reduced. I absolutely love everything in this mask, minty medicine-like smell, cooling tingling sensation that stays the whole time the mask is on the face, texture that doesn't dry into cracking surface like it happens with clay masks and the fact that it's actually hydrating. It acts almost like Clinique lotion that's been my saviour for a long time and I'm actually reaching for the mask over it now.


What are your favourite Origins products?

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