Expensive Self-Tanning Disaster By Dior.

   This purchase was a result of my unfortunate choice between Clarins' self-tanning drops and this one in favor of the last. Well, my decision seemed quite reasonable at the moment. First of all, it was "face and body". Secondly, it was called "self-tanning oil", which to me meant skincare + tan. Sounds awesome, right? Well to top it all off, I tried it on my hand to see if it had that burned self-tan smell and it didn't, it smelled quite good, like a summer vacation.

    I was so exited to try it so I did the same day I bought it. I took a shower, exfoliated my skin and applied it. That's when it all started going down. This so called oil turned out to be a sticky mix of self-tan, fragrance and possibly few drops of oil dissolved in a large amount of alcohol. I swear I could get tipsy after few beep breaths. It was very sticky on skin so I reached for the instructions and figured out that I was supposed to moisturise my skin first. Well what's the point of it in being "oil" than?  It's not even an oil and the consistency of this product only made it harder to distribute it all over evenly. Even though I put on moisturiser afterwards it still was sticky. After an hour I started smelling like a burned potato. And I'm not being just peaky here, the smell was very strong. It was even stronger in the morning when I was taking shower. Should I even say that tan wasn't even either?
   I didn't give up, I gave it another go, and another, and another doing everything as instructions say. Same result every time - sticky, stinky, patchy. And all that for a good price of 42$.

0/10 So disappointed...

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