Spa In The Shower With Clarins.

    Can't even tell you for how long I've been eyeing these two suckers here but I couldn't justify such a splurge. Until I went shopping last time and just couldn't hold back any longer. I gave up and bought them both all together. Sometimes you should satisfy your urges despite how much unreasonable they are because they can most likely disappear after that.
    I had no doubt that I'll like both of the products and well... I did. Clarins Relax Bath And Shower Concentrate is very different from every shower product I've used. Not only it smells strongly of essential oils but it also is just as soft gently with the most dry skin in the world as my precious Pear Caramel. Now I'm not so sad that it's discontinued because I've found a worthy replacement. The consistency of this shower/bath product is also different, it's more thick and concentrated than regular shower gels (no wonder it's called concentrate). What I love about it the most is that you can actually use it in the shower. Currently I don't have a bath tub at my place so it became kind of a struggle to find something for those days when everything goes wrong and it's critical for your mental health to pamper yourself a little bit. And what's the better way than taking a steamy shower or bath with essential oils, salts, bubbles and all that stuff. And if all those Lush treats are not the option for the same price as their shower gells you can treat yourself with Relax Concentrate.
    The smell of Tonic Body Treatment was tempting me even longer than the Relax Concentrate and I'm also fully happy with this purchase. It is more nourishing than for example Caudalie Divine Oil and it consists of pure plant extracts only, no fragrance, no alcohol, no silicones. I love how my skin feels after I apply it on wet skin after shower, baby-soft, smooth and supple. I think it's a must have product to prep your skin for the bikini season.

Both 10/10

Do you have some special treatments in your shower?

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