My Spring Perfume - Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca.

   I suppose fragrances evoke different associations, emotions and memories for different people. Well, when I'm wearing this fragrance I don't feel like I'm walking in freshly cut grass sparkling with dew (as suggested in the description on the box). The picture that this smell draws in my head when I close my eyes is more like this - I'm making homemade iced tea in the kitchen, mixing green tea, freshly cut lemons and mint all together. Windows are open and still cold early spring wind is rushing in, mixing all scents at my kitchen into one very sparkly fragrance that I can take and wrap around me. Yes it's very light, it'll last for couple of hours and than you'll need to refresh it, but it's so uplifting. Especially if you live in cold place and can't wait any longer for all those green colors, blooming trees and sunshine. This perfume brings spring and summer a bit closer. I'm deeply in love with it what's more to add.

Here's the description from the :

Green Aromatic Citrus.
Tonic, refreshing, unisex.

Herba Fresca begins with the very green and citrusy top note of clover leaf - a lovely good-luck charm - and Italian lemon. Its heart is composed of spearmint and green tea. The very floral dry-down reveals lily of the valley, cyclamen and pear flower.


What is your spring fragrance of choice?

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