My New Evening Skin Care Routine.

    Sometime over a month ago I stepped by the Kiehl's store for a new jar of Rare Earth clay mask and lovely lady offered me to check the level of hydration of my skin. That was an eye-opening experience I must say. Skin on my forehead was 49% hydrated but on my cheekbones it was only 36% (50% is healthy minimum for my age). By the moment I left the store I knew my "skin diet" ends right now. Even though it definitely helped  clear out my skin from all sorts of irritations and imperfections, it was time to bring that moisture back in. So I've done some shopping and things you see on the picture have helped me to improve the condition of my skin in only one month.
    Obviously I start my evening routine with cleansing. If I have makeup on I'd take it off with oil and than I'd use my Micellar Cleansing Water from Yves Rocher. Nothing very special about it, I simply love the ingredients and the way it works. Than I massage my face and neck with face massager from The Body Shop. My one unfortunately doesn't roll so easily so I have to press a bit harder sometimes but I still like it and it's increasing the blood flow to the face of your skin which is very beneficial.
     After this quick massage I apply Elixir 7.9 serum - my recent obsession. I wrote a full review on it but boy it is good! I'm definitely gonna check out the rest of this line.
     For the eyes I use my good old Shiseido Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream. It is good and endless. I bought it a few month ago but still trying to finish it.      
     One item I had my doubts about was Clinique Moisture Surge Cream. I've heard a lot of people and bloggers rave about it and about the one with the gel formula. I've tried the gel one and I hated it. It didn't work for me just like Clinique DDM Gel unlike the lotion formula. So I thought if I didn't like DDM gel but loved the lotion maybe here'll be the same thing. And I wasn't wrong. For the dry skin cream formula is so so much better. It's a little bit sticky that's why I'm using it in the evening. But it's very moisturising and I wake up with very smooth and plumped skin.
    So after a month I got curious whether my new skin care changed anything and went to the Kiehl's store again. New test to my relief showed huge improvement. On my forehed skin was 67% hydrated (me and the consultant both sayed - wow) and 48% on my cheekbones. One more month and my skin will be in perfect condition I think.
    And one last thing that I've been using this past month is this mulberry silk sleeping mask and it's something out of this world. It's not totally light-proof but I personally don't need it to be. It actually makes it easier to wake up in the morning and not to oversleep. But what's absolutely amazing about it is that my eye area feels much softer in the morning than the rest of my face. So now I'm looking for a perfect silk pillow case.

What is your one most favourite part of your daily skin care routine?

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