Enlighten Me Then. Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Skintone Corrector.

   I have a normal to dry skin and for me this EE cream works as a wonderful moisturiser/ moisturising base for powder foundation (and it looks good on it's own too). It is, however, more of a treatment and less makeup as it has the lightest hint of color in it. I've tried to build up the coverage but the result was greasy and sticky face. So if you're looking for something both skincare and high-coverage makeup in one this product is not the one for you. Anyway sheer coverage is what all those CC, BB, EE creams are known for, so it's quite normal.
  You should also keep in mind before buying this product that even the lightest shade is not very suitable for very fair skin as it becomes slightly darker when you apply it. It's also heavily scented which I don't mind at all, but if you're not the fan of scented products then beware. This EE cream is also supposed to help alleviate dark spots and help minimize damage that can lead to hyperpigmentation. On this part I have no opinion because I haven't had any dark spots for a long time now so I can't say weather it really works or not.
  I personally like everything about it, it smells very pleasantly, it makes mу look like I've just had a facial and like I've been eating very healthy and drinking lots of water. Even the fact that it comes out a bit darker actually is a lucky coincidence because I hope to move somewhere warmer very soon. So the color and the SPF of 30 is just perfection. I'm very much enjoying every bit of using this EE cream and I would recommend anyone to try it.


    As you can see the EE cream even though is a bit darker still looks super healthy and evens out my skin tone a bit. But it also makes something that makes me wanna look in the mirror more often and say "wow I'm not wearing makeup but I still look very good and rested" every time. So for me it's the money well spend.

What is your favourite EE/BB cream?

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