Ammazing Affordable Serum From Yves Rocher.

    I've already probably said many times that I've been very sceptical about this brand. It always seemed to me that it's lower in price range that it should be if it's made of high quality ingredients. Am I sure it's all so natural and good - no, but does it work - yes. This particular serum - Elixir 7.9 is incredible. It contains high concentration of botanical extracts and what's more important it works. The packaging promises noticeably smoother skin in one day and it really does that. The texture of the serum is melting right into the skin and instantly makes it softer and smoother to touch. Next skincare step goes on even better afterwards.
     Ever since I got this product we've become inseparable. The smell, the texture, the effect - everything is so satisfying. The only flaw it has is that it's not the perfect base for makeup. During my "skincare diet" I've been using serums as my final skincare step so I would apply makeup on top of it. With the Caudalie one everything worked great, but with Yves Rocher one everything started to crumble off my face after I applied my Enlighten EE-Cream from Estee Lauder (may be it's just two of this don't work together). However it doesn't bother me at all, I'm simply using it at the evening before I go to bed. I would definitely recommend to check it out especially as it's on special offer everywhere at the moment.


What is your favourite product fom Yves Rocher?

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