Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation Review.

"An ultra-fluid serum foundation featuring a no-makeup feel, as weightless and beneficial as a breath of fresh air, for an enhanced complexion with a sheer finish. Like after a day in the great outdoors, the face gains a continual natural glow" - says the packaging. Do I agree - no.

     Texture of this foundation is very liquid and runny as mentioned. I'm ok with any texture as long as the finish is flawless. Application is easy if you have perfect and even skin. My skin is fine, more normal than dry, no blemishes and discoloration. But I still have to properly exfoliate and moisturise my skin to even out the surface before using this foundation. If anything isn't perfect it'll make it worse. If you have dry patches and large pores it'll exaggerate them, if you'll apply too much it'll look cakey, if you've applied too much moisturiser or didn't give it time to absorb properly - it'll go on unevenly.
     First couple of times I tried this foundation it made me sad because was super expansive. I've managed to make it look flawless once, but I had to use my super-exfoliating scrub and apply the foundation right after moisturising serum. And somehow I've applied just the right amount of it so it did look very good. That time I felt like it was worth the price. But it's so not long lasting. When I apply more than two drops as recommended it feels like a layer of liquid powder that'll be gone if my face will touch anything. I feel like if I scratch my face even a little bit my skin will be foundation-free at those areas. Very uncomfortable feeling when I have to be very careful when I hug someone or need to scratch my face. It also severely emphasize those lines that appear when I smile. It makes me look like a much older woman with deep wrinkles.
    Even though you can make a flawless look with this foundation I'm not sure I can recommend it as it's so demanding and expensive pain in the ass.


      Here's what it looks like applied on unprepped skin. I woke up, washed my face as usual, put on moisturiser and couple hours later applied the foundation.

    Small hint for those who after all dared to to try it and for those who's interested how to alleviate those bad looking areas that this foundation created on your face - blend  them out with your fingers, it makes them loon a little bit better.

    From a distance and on camera it looks pretty flawless. It gives a healthy blur to the skin. But take a look at this close-up photo. It showed all flaws that my skin has but you could not see them when I had no foundation on.

    Here's the fool look with blush, mascara and lipstick on.

What are your thoghts on this foundatin?

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