Delicious MAC Eyeshadows In Coil And Superwatt.

   MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadows in Coil and Superwatt blew my mind. They were a bit more expensive that I thought of single cream shadows but they worth every penny. Unlike Chanel cream eyeshadows these two are totally comfortable (Chanel ones stung my eyelids and they are ridiculously pricey) and colors are just very very pretty. Without a primer and when applied in a very thick layer they can crease a bit, but it's not very noticeable, especially with the light shade.

   Superwatt is more of an every day color, very easy to wear. Simple and fail-proof color.

    But Coil is the rock star of my eyeshadow collection. The color is provocatively copper, rusty-chocolat. I bought it with a slight thought that I'll never dare to wear it but it actually looks super cool. Probably not the best color for the day time but for the evening makeup - oh my... In pair with Superwatt it looks calmer but if you'll add black it'll be a kick-ass smokey eye look.

    I would definitely recommend to give this cream eye shadows a try, they are honestly best cream shadows I've tried. And the rusty color... just perfect.


What are your favouritr MAC products?

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