Shower Gel To Try Before It's Gone. Yves Rocher Pear Caramel.

     This shower gel was launched before christmas as limited addition and it's going to be discontinued very soon. The reason why I'm still sharing this wonderful find with you is because it's worth rushing to the nearest Yves Rocher store to stock up couple of bottles.
     I've been using this shower cream for couple of months, but I also alternated it with some other body washes so it didn't occur to me that this particular product was the reason my skin stopped being dry at all. I'm not joking. I've stopped using body lotions and creams but I thought that may be my skin just got used to the dry winter air or may be I've been eating healthier. But when I ran out of it and used other products couple of times that's when "dry itch" (when your skin is so dry it itches everywhere it moves or stretches) and horrific dry patches on my arms came back. That's when it finally came to me that it was this magic shower cream that helped me to survive this winter care free. Next day I ran to the store to by a new bottle and the lady there told me that there will be no more of Pear Caramel. So if you're struggling with dry skin during this time of the year than go and grab one of this - it's a miracle.
    Not only because it's so good to the skin, but also because it's no special in terms of ingredients and it contains three different types of sulfates. Yep, that's right, that thing that's supposed to dry out the skin. The only thing that can be that miracle worker is the aloe leaf juice. Anyhow what matters is that my dry itch is gone again and I couldn't fight it with any kind of moisturiser and oils. It's the only thing that worked and I can only hope that it will be back on shelves next Christmas.

Have you tried this shower cream? What is your solution for dry skin?

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