Clarins Blush Brodige 08 Sweet Rose. Perfect Spring Blush.

    This new Clarins blush was kind of an impulse buy for me. And I've learned to trust my impulses and urges to try new things. One of the most important things I've learned since I've started blogging is that you're more likely to be disappointed with a product you've been desperate to lay your hands on and to be happy with those you didn't even care about before. At least half of my favourite products are those happy incidents. And this blush from Clarins' spring collection became one of them.
    It looks very simple like any other rosy pink but it does something more to my face. It makes me look healthy and happy. When I saw myself in the mirror with this blush on my cheeks I saw a girl that wears Dior Blooming Bouquet, uplifted and young.
The color is not only pink, it's slightly peachy and it adds the most natural glow. You can use it's matt part only, but  the peachy glow is what makes this blush so beautiful. Everything in this blush is in moderation to help you create fresh spring makeup look. And if you're looking for a blush to try this spring give this one a go, I don't think that there'll be one person not to like it.


Have you tried it and what is your favourite spring blus?

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