Lili Lolo First Impression.

Lili Lolo is an inexpensive british brand, I've noticed it while shoping on and I had really hard time choosing limited amount of shades and product. Especially mineral eyeshadows and blushes are hard to choose because photos of  products are so vivid and good quality you fell in love with the shade by just looking at it even if it's the color you can never pull off.

 Anyway, I've decided to go for colors that I'll use for sure just to try out the texture and the pigmentation. Well all of four my picks passed these test. I'll start with blush. Lili Lolo Mineral Blush in Sunset is by far the most pigmented blush I've ever owned in my life. Seriously, be careful with the amount of product you dub on the lid to use. On my finger it looks pretty subtle like it's just a hint of light pinky-bronze color. But on cheeks it can be very bright with just a tad. But in moderation it gives a very pretty sun-kissed look with a bit of glow. 

Eyeshadows also appeared to be good. I even used Sticky Toffee in my party time Rose Gold Makeup along with some of my high end bits. I actually may claim this particular golden sparkly shade my favourite of the bunch. Mystery shade is really mysterious, it's grey with a hing of green, it's in the middle between shimmery and matte finish and it's one of a kind at least in my makeup bag. Sidewalk however wasn't my favourite but simply because it didn't look right on me, something's just off. I'll give it another go, may be it just takes getting used to it. I loved the texture though, it's so silky and soft.

And let's take a second to appreciate the lovely minimalistic packaging of Lili Lolo products. For a very reasonable price you get everything you want from a makeup product. I personally can't wait to try some more bits and pieces from the brand.

What are your favourite Lili Lolo makeup products?

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