Washing Your Face With Foaming Oil Is Cool. Fresh Line Demetra Skin Salve Remedy.

    Well, it's not technically an oil it's an oil containing gel. But the lady in the store kept calling this product "oil" and it kind of sticked to it. It is honestly the most gentle face wash I've ever had and I love it so much I don't even want to try anything different. It supposed to help with irritation and inflammation. I had no chance to confirm it because my skin felt good all the time I've been using it. And what I love about this product even more - it is as cleansing as it is gentle. I don't like rubbing my fece and specially eyes with cotton pads with some makeup remover on them. With this fece was I just wash my face effortlessly as usual and al the make up is gone and my skin is fresh and clean. It never dries out the skin so it's perfect for winter. For me actually it's perfect for every time of the year or day of the week. I genuinely like everything about this cleanser. It's also free of harsh chemicas and full of plant extracts and oils.

    It's also around 10-15$ for 200ml or you can try it in travel size.


What is your favourite face wash at the moment?

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