Easy Heatless Messy Curls.

    My hair isn't very voluminous, that's why since high school I've been sleeping with my wet hair in this twisted bun to have curly voluminous hair in the morning. 

     All you have to do is to dampen your hair a little bit, apply whatever leave-in conditioner you're usually using,twist all your hair into hair sausage then twist it around your finger into this kind of bun that I have on the picture below, secure it in place and go to sleep.

    I don't recommend making super tight bun or over secure it. First can cause you headaches and pain in the roots of you hair, second can snap hair and create unwanted bad looking waves on your locks. The last one can be fixed with damp fingers. Just massage with wet finger that part of the hair that doesn't look right until it straightens out and you're ready to go.
    For the extra hold use styling products instead of leave-in conditioner or spray your hair with hair spray after you set them free from the bun. But the curls stay for at least two days without any help. And should I mention that it almost takes no time and effort at all while keeping hair healthy and shiny?!

What is your favourite way of achieving messy curly hair?


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