Very Easy Last Minute Christmas Nails.

     I know there's still plenty of time until Christmas, but main reason the title says "last minute" is because most pretty nail polishes are sold out everywhere already, so it's time to make up your mind in term of what you want to see on your nails on Christmas eve/party.
As for me, initially I  was looking for Essie Rock At The Top to paint it over black or red nail polish. But as I said, it's sold out everywhere!! So I had to come up with new ideas. Here's what I picked up instead.

Pupa Lasting Color - 723 Green Marble
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - 485 Golden-1
Rimmel Glitter Bomb - 020 Midnight Mistletoe
Sally Hansen Nail Rehab for base coat
Sally Hansen Mega Shine for top coat

    I created atmosphere of a rush as I was going to write a post about "last minute nails", I didn't look examples of nail art (it takes a while to find suitable one), I applied everything in one coat and here's the result. It came out pretty good on a first try, so I think anyone can come up with something similar if you'll be getting ready for the Christmas Party in a hurry. Nothing crazy, very subtle and appropriate for any type of event. Pretty yet modest. Even Rimmel Glitter Bomb looks cool and festive on my ring finger nail.

    As a first step  I painted on base coat, then thick layer of Pupa Green Marble. After that I took old eye liner brush, cut off half of bristles and used it to draw on golden designs. If you have special tools for this kind of stuff well then probably you can do it way better then this. 
    On my other hand I did everything the same way but instead of gold designs I simply applied two layers of glitter on one fingernail. I'm happy with both variants. You can come up with a lot more variants with the same colors. So don't be upset if you already had something in mind but couldn't find enough stuff for it, be creative. I hope this was some kind of inspiration for you.

Do you know what kind of nail art you'll be wearing on a Christmas Party?


  1. Как классно получилось! Новый год прям :)

    1. Спасибо) А главное просто и быстро!