Unsung TV Series Heroes. The Good Wife - One Of The Best Written Series I've Ever Seen.

     The Good Wife is an unfairly overlooked TV series. I didn't fell in love with it from the very first episode like I did with New Girl or The Mindy Project, but after couple of episodes I started digging it. And now it's season 6 and I found myself waiting for The Good Wife's episode more than anything (it's almost like small Christmas every time they release new episode). Other series I've enjoyed in the past, like The Vampire Diaries, New Girl, The mindy Project, The Big Bang Theory etc, all simply went dull and uneventful. Well this one is just like wine - only getting better with every year. The script is so well written and you can see all the hard work that's been made behind the scene. Twists of the plot are mind blowing, acting is very good and each character is incredibly interesting and unique. I'm not going to dive into details because my goal here is to share my admiration with you and hopefully give you an idea of something to watch that potentially can become your favourite.
     So here are some facts about The Good Wife:

  • Unique characters
  • Amazing storytelling
  • Smart scripts
  • Good humour well combined with drama
  • My boyfriend also loves it
  • No swearing at all
  • Well filmed
  • Good music
  • Depicts lives of legal workers

      By the way, statistically, the majority of the audience is over 60-70 years (what-whaaat?!). It sounds really sad to me because I think young people ( probably over 18-20) should watch more of series like this and not letting their brains melt over something stupid. I've started watching it when I was 21 and I was able to enjoy it and understand.
      The Good Wife is that kind of series that makes you think, feel, empathize, guess. It is well made and if you're thinking about giving it a go, just do it. Don't read reviews as they can ruin your whole experience with spoilers. And don't watch all seasons at one sitting, make it one a day, take your time to savour every episode.

If you'll decide to give The Good Wife a go, let me know what you think (no spoilers).

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