Moisturising Lotion For The Hair? Why not. Moltobene Meglio.

    I've been using  L'Occitane Repairing Oil for three month now and I'm only halfway through. And even though I like this oil I just can't possibly use the same product for another three month. So I've decided to try something absolutely new and different. I came across MoltoBene Meglio Moisture Lotion and it totally caught my eye. And the fact that it's a Japan brand made the decision easier. I love Shiseido hair care products and I wasn't wrong when I thought that I'll like this one too. 
    It feels like lotion on hands, well it is lotion, however it was a bit strange putting it in my hair. It does the job, prevents static and gives enough moisture without weighing hair down and making them greasy. The only thing that bugs me about this product is that the only thing on the bottle in english is everything you can see on the picture, the back is 100% in japanese. I like knowing what's in the product that I put on my hair/skin. It said on the price tag that it contains soy protein and some plant extracts, but what else I guess I'll never know. 
This lotion smells like some kind of medicine and though I'm all into smells I enjoy the fact that it contains proteins that are good for the hair. 


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