Unsung Beauty Heros. Eyeshadow. Lumene 20 Frosted Forest

Well, I'll start this series of posts by saying that I call this accidental beauty finds - fortunate accidents and it happens to me from time to time. This eyeshadow for example was bought with an intention to become a part of a post about cosy automnal brown shades. And it looked very ordinary on the display. But it turned out to be just so painfully beautiful I can't even fully express all my joy and excitement. It looks a bit differently in different lightings but always beautiful.  It's hard to describe this color because it contains a little bit of purple, light brown, a hint of silver and may be something else. Not only the color is remarkable, the texture of it is actually very good too. It also have high-end quality and good lasting power. This eyeshadow stays in place no matter what.
To sum it up, I was deeply impressed with the way Frosted Forest looked on my face and I highly recommend to set your eyes on Blueberry Long-Wear Crystal line of eyeshadows by Lumene if you run into one in your drugstore. They are very low in price and high in quality and my love for this particular shade is endless.


What is your one most favoutite eyeshadow at the moment?

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