Summer in The Shower

   Everyone seems to look forward to wearing warm clothes, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and eating comfort food. Well, even though I've bought some stuff for fall, I'm not quite ready yet to let summer go. When I hop into hot shower after a cold rainy day I want something to remind me of those warm sunny days. And here are three things that make me take a deep breath full of pleasure and bring sunny images to my mind. 

   Klorane Ultra-rich Revitalising and Energy Shower Gels 
Both contain SLS but no soap and have neutral pH. They have almost identical ingredients, the only difference is fragrance. I fell in love tith Revitalising one right in the store when I sniffed it. It is magnificent, smells like forest, trees, grass and leafs, so sooo good! And this shower gel can make a very nice gift for a guy, the scent is 100% unisex. The Energy one is less impressive. Smells slightly fruity and fresh, still good. But I like the first one better. 

   And, of course, The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel.
It practically screams summer with it's tropical exquisite scent. Very mood-setting, can't say if it's awakening, but it's definitelly pleasurable and yummy. Also contains SLS and no soap. Not a fan of SLS, big fan of the scent.

What about you? Are you all into fall scent ore still into summery once like me?

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