New Additions to My Hair Care. Mint and Lavander Delight.

   Well, here are some exciting bits that I got lately. I'll say right away - these conditioners are great.
Petal Fresh Volumizing Conditioner with rosemary and mint is something out of this world, the smell mostly. It smells like mint tea, not like artificial mint. And this gentle scent lingers for couple of days. Not so sure about big changes in the volume of my hair after using this, but volumizing conditioners never gave me any rather noticeable results, so... In terms of conditioning properties, well, my Shiseido mask is more nourishing. But it works just fine as a light conditioner, which you can apply to the roots by the way. Which means that it's not only non greasy, but also very natural.


Petal Fresh Nourishing Conditioner with lavender is the same as mint one, but smells like lavender and the scent is not as long lasting. So if you'll be choosing, choose by the smell. They both are great and I alternate between them only regarding to my mood.


The Body Shop Rain Forest Volume Shampoo again not so volumizing at least for my hair. It's less nourishing as my previous Rainforest Nutrition  and the smell I'm not very happy with, but it works very well.


What are your latest hair care favourites?

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