Clarins Multy Active Day Cream. When The Weather Gets Colder.

It's getting colder and colder now, thereto it's snowing outside my window by the time I'm writing this post. Snow in the middle of october is a very sad thing, at least for me. I didn't have enough of summer. But, anyway, since I can't change the weather I can get ready to face cold weather in full armour. The key word here is "face", as it's the most uncovered part of our body so it needs additional help in terms of protection. These month I got a sample of Clarins Multi-Active Day cream with my purchase, and it was a perfect timing for this product. If it was warmer days I would probably decide in favour of something lighter in texture as it's definitely too heavy for the hot summer weather. But for cold autumn days I found it perfect.
As you've probably noticed the package says "Early wrinkle correction cream". Yes, it's not for the young skin, it's somewhere in the middle. I'm 24, so it's only one year to the officially recommended age and I thought it's ok. This is my very first face cream from clarins and I've been enjoying using it. This product is in no way extraordinary to my taste, the smell is pretty classical, the texture is rich and nice. And considering that it was on sale the day I bought it I can't think of anything to complain about this product. Even without discount it's not the most expensive Clarins product. So, if you think that it's time for you to start taking care of early wrinkles and dry irritated by cold weather skin than go and ask for a sample of this buddy in whatever beauty store you like. Clarins is such a safe brand to my taste, I've never had bad experience with it, so I recommend this day cream without a doubt. All I can say about it in two words - simply good.

Do you use anti-aging creams yet and when did you start?

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