Blessing For Your Hair From Greece. Fresh Line Polyhymnia SLS-Free Solid Shampoo.

   Recently I've re-discovered Fresh Line for myself. I've used this line few years ago and somehow forgot about it. But last time I went beauty shopping I found a stand of this brand and couldn't help myself but grab some bits. One of them was Fresh Line Polyhymnia Stimulating & Strengthening Solid Shampoo (Hair Loss & Weak Hair). I've used it for at least thee weeks and it looks barely touched.
   I was eager to try solid shampoo ever since I saw those lovely colorful round shampoo bars. The smell so good I was close to giving up my devotion to SLS-free products, but I didn't. And I'm very happy that I've found this shampoo earlier than I caved. Fortunately this one is free from all harsh chemicals, contains lots of organic ingredients, smells nice end herbally, gives very thick and rich foam, cleans hair perfectly.
   I haven't noticed outstanding hair growth and strengthening effect, but id definitely a very good shampoo and a much better alternative for lush shampoo bars. Fresh Line also offers a wide range of these solid shampoos so my next one I think will be the Erato Botanical one, it also smells incredible.


Have you tried solid shampoos?

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