Swithcing to Fall Colours. Nails.

I was scanning shelves with nail polishes for the perfect fall colors, and all brands but pupa didn't impress me at all. So all my  three picks are from Pupa Color Lasting Gel Collection . I simply liked them better. And let me tell ya why...

  • They are 3$ a piece and I find it very reasonable.
  • Colors are great and take only one coat (almost all of them)
  • No chipping for a week or more (suck it, Chanel)
  • Remember how you never finish your large expensive bottle of nail polish? Well, this won't happen to this one. It's big enough to last while you still enjoy your new nail color, but it's small enough not to dry out and serve you till the last drop. And then you can pain-free throw it away.
  • More colors less space in your makeup/nail stuff bag when you travel. Isn't it every girl's dream?

I'm fully satisfied with their lasting power and colors.  The right one for example is my favourite. Just look at it on my nails.
057 Turquoise Oasis
It has a bit more green in it than it appears on the photo. But it's everything I was looking for in a fall nail color. It's glossy, one coat does the job (except for the nude one) and it lasts at least for a week.


Second favourite is the middle one. Brownish gray with a hint of purple. Very wearable, also take one coat to give desired color and lasts all week. I would call this color Cosy Raisin. But it's 026 California Soul...

026 California Soul


013 Fouffle Velours

And the last one is just an every day nude nail color. Warm and nice, but it takes at least two coats and it's still a bit transparent afterwards though. Least favourite one of a bunch but still very good one.


What are your picks for fall nail polishes?

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