Summer Hair Lovin' TAG/HAUL. Shiseido, L'Occitane, Yves Rocher.

Well, needless to say, summer weather can be very damaging to our skin and hair. Here are some steps I have in my hair care routine that help me prevent or reverse the damage.

1. Gentle Cleansing.

   I'm still using and loving my Body Shop and Shiseido shampoos. New thing is this Protection & Radiance Shampoo from Yves Rocher that I got on sale "By a full set for a price of one item". I was aming for this Detangling Spray initially, but why not try two other product, right? Shampoo turned out to be SLS based so I use it as body wash and as body was it is very nice and gentle. And I like the smell.

   8/10 (contains SLS)

2. Propper Conditioning

   Shiseido Damage Care Conditioner is nothing new, I have full review on it here. For me it's already classics, a must have for my every day har care routine. If I had to choose one conditioner for the rest of my life it would be Shiseido's (or my recent Yves Rocher discovery).

   9/10 (contains silicone)

   Protection & Radiance Conditioner from Yves Rocher is the newest addition to my shower stash. It is silicone, paraben and colorant free, it smells ah-mazing and it works just as good as Shiseido conditioners. For drugstore it's something out of this world. Almost salon-like results. I'm 100% digging it. Makes strong competition to Shiseido ones. Love love love...


3. Leave-in Conditioners and Hair Oils.

   Another thing I got  from Yves Rocher is their Detangling Styling Water. It's a grate thing to have on hand to refresh your hair and restore their moisture on the go. It's super easy to use, it helps with detangling, it gives your hair lightweight moisture and nice floral smell. Love everything about it.


   L'Occitane Repairing Oil on the one hand was nice, on the other it wasn't. Consultant girl told me it was dry hair oil and it was the main reason I bought it. Well, dry oils supposed to leave your hair conditioned but not greasy like normal oil would. This ois is nourishing and everything but the tinies amount can be determinant whether you'll have a good hair day or a bad one. My lucky number of drops here is three. Only three. Every time I feel like pumpering my hair with a little bit more of nourishing product, fourth drop of this oil makes my hair look greasy. Just like that, one drop and you are not going on a date if you were getting ready to. In addition to everything it's silicone based. I've had an ammasing dry hair oil by italian brand  Bottega Verde.  And the L'Occitane's one is loosing by all points to that oil.
Did I enjoy this product - well, it was more of exploratory adventure than pure joy.
Will I buy it again - most likelly no. But who knows, we all go crazy sometimes when it comes to beauty shopping, aren't we?:)))

   6/10 (hate being cautious with beauty products, especially expensive ones)

4. Sculp Treatment.

  Shiseido Massage Mask anyhow surprised the socks out of me. I discovered that it's targeted for the roots of the hair other than the hair body as 99% of hair masks do after I bought it. And I'm glad I have this extra step in my hair care now.  It's good to moisturise your sculp from time to time and this product is perfect for those pumper evenings. Especially during hot summer, when the sun is more damaging. Not only ends are getting damage, but the sculp too, but we forget about it. This mask is hydrating the sculp and stimulating hair growth. It smells like Shiseido with a hint of mentol and it is tingly and fun. But, the only thing that scared the hell out of me is that you shouldn't leave this in your hair overnight. Cause when I did my hair started falling out more than usual. But when I use it in the shower it works very good and I enjoy the results afterwards. Good thing to have in your hair care arsenal for the summer months.

   8,5/10 (contains silicone)

What are your hair care must-haves?

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