Caudalie Haul and Review (Beauty Elixir, Polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil, Vinosource S.O.S Morning Eye Cream + samples)

   I've always wanted to dive into Caudalie world and try as much products as I can. So this is kind of big step towards it. 
   I've ordered recently four things from Those were Vinosource S.O.S Morning Eye Cream, Polyphenol Overnight Detox Oil, my very first Beauty Elixir and  a lip conditioner. The package came with three samples and a gift bag. The bag turned out very large so it can be used as a beach bag only. But who doesn't like free stuff, it's good quality at least and it can be used as an excuse to go on vacation (wink).

   When I was ordering eye cream I was choosing between Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair  Eye cream and the Vinesource one. I new that Night Repair products work wonders with my skin, so I went for something new. Stupid logic that leads most of the time to sad results. But those 5% of good ones keep my adventurous spirit. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to try out new things. This eye cream is nice, but it's not outstanding, it doesn't make me want to stop looking for a better one. But it is good and nourishing. I haven't noticed depuffing though, so, not my favourite.


   Overnight Oil on the other hand is quite a hit. My skin is getting smoother and smoother every time I use it. I actually use olis only to moisturise my face and body before I go to bed. Oils rocked my world, seriously!! It is much more natural to moisturise your skin with oils extracted from different kinds of plants. It all sinks into your skin and gives nothing but the world of good. It won't break you down 'cause it doesn't clog pores and it won't leave any kind of film on your skin. Plus using oils overnight gives it more time to be absorbed by your skin completely. During the day if you are in a hurry using oil can be problematic. Anyhow, I'm enjoying this particular oil by Caudalie at the momnet. Definitely would recommend to try.

10/10 (super healthy!)

   All about the lip conditioner you can read here as I've already done full review. I'll just say that it's one of my all time favourites. Tastes, smells and feels good. Simple, hygienic and fast solution for dry lips.


   Now onto the most hyped (or shall I say overhyped?) and desired product. I was dying to try this famous Beauty Elixir myself. First impression was - is THIS what I paid 50$ for?? 100ml of water that smells like foot cream, that isn't much of a moisturiser or a pore minimiser. What the hell I was thinking?! Why all beauty bloggers speak so highly of this product?!  But as I was using it I started digging it. Well, ingredients are very good. I'm always meticulous when it comes to ingredients of those things I put on my skin, but this one is just perfection. And I kind of got used to the smell. And now I'm one of those addicts who can not stop using this beauty item. I do feel that my skin become softer and brighter afterwards and I do really like it now. But frankly it's more addictive than effective. . And still... so addictive it makes me wonder - do they mix it with "snow" or something?:)))

   And very briefly about samples. I have a full post about Divine Oil here so go and check it out if you're interested. Cleansing Water smells fruity and is very gentle, but it's more of an  "After Cleanser Cleanser". I see it only as an additional step in taking of my makeup because it didn't work well on it's own. It left traces of eye liner and mascara. Not bad at all and not at all practical either. And let me tell ya about that shampoo. Gentle Conditioning Shampoo was a total blast! Instant mind blowing result! It is in fact very gentle and very conditioning. It's free of all harmful ingredients and it feels luxurious. Full size is only 18$ and I'm purchasing it as soon as all three shampoos that I have at the moment will be gone.

What's your one favourite Caudalie product?

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