Lets test 'em! l'Occitane & Yves Rocher

I'll start with Pure Light Foundation as it was ma favourite discovery of this year. Guess who already bought a full size of it... Yep, almost right away after I checked out this little sample. There will be full review of it on my blog very soon so stay tuned. (13$, 9,5/10)
Next one also by Yves Rocher. Sebo Vegetal Matifying Gel Cream. I'm not struggling with oily face, during summer it simply get's sweaty that's it. So may be it was the reason I didn't notice any difference before and after I used it. This cream wasnt hydrating enough and wasnt matifying, at least for me. This one I'm not bying a full size of. (11$, 2/10)
Now onto the L'Occitane. As you can see girl at the store was very generous with samples, probably because it was my first time at this brand's store. Once again I'll start with my favourite item of five.
And it is their new formula of Angelica Hydra Vital Cream. Everything in this product is in moderation, it applies nicely, smells good, not too oily yet hydrating enough. Unlike the Hydra Vital Gel which wasnt enough for my dry skin, but probably will be just fine for those who have oily/combination skin. But that price tho... Too expensive including that fact that it's silicone based. This two factors are stopping me from purchasing a full size, but who knows may be I'll cave, it smells really good and I'm a sucker for a good scent. (42$, 38$; 7/10, 5/10)
Their Aromachologie Reparing Spamoo and Conditioner on the other hand were not good at all. Shampoo was nothing special, even sulfate base makes it even more drug-store-like. Conditioner also left my hair feeling like it was never there, nothing. And it also contains silicones. Not a fan at all... (33$, 34$; 3/10 both)
And finally their Amande Milk Concentrate. Ingredients in this little buddy are better then in previous items. The smell, the feeling it left my skin with and all that jazz was good. BUT my beloved Caudalie Vine Body Butter is better by every point: smell, ingredients, price. (49$, 7/10).

Anyway it was an exciting experience trying all this out, I'm glad I was able to try so many new items.

What were your recent discoveries and dissapointments among the samples you got?

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